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Having a unique means of income and travel time with 100% sponsorship is rare in this part of the world, only on Friends International can this be made possible. Read from our beneficiaries!!!

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Fi has really affected my life greatly. Infact it was really God sent. Once l was a fulltime hawker struggling to survive on the streets Jos. With snacks on my head.. Then l stumbled on Fi. Went home and borrowed money and registered. Two days later l got a call from someone who wants to pay money into my account. I was so surprised and filled with excitement. My children started jumping with excitement too. I tell you now my dreams of building my big flour mill industry. Is under way. My dreams of traveling abroad is under way. Now l walk around with a broad smile on my face. And my friends ask me why all this smiles what's the secret. I say Fi. And that's how l get my friends to follow me into Fi. I want to say a big thank you to my able CEO mr FREEMAN FELIX. For this wonderful opportunity. May God grant you more grace and wisdom to pilot this one in a million programme to a greater hight.



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I am 100% grateful to this platform FI. I stormed into FI when I was so down inside because I had so much needs but a very limited resources which I knew it would take me nowhere. Since I engaged myself with FI, I never had such depressed mood again because I see my dreams coming to pass. I wish you could compare my look before and now. Friends International had settled me from inside and has provided me the opportunity to showcase my talent to the world. I confidently now inform people that FI is the best in the midst of other opportunities presented to be mouth watering with my reasons which they see it in me and opt for FI.

FI is real!!! Kudos to our able CEO who tirelessly work hard for the ordinary people to do the extra ordinary things!! Kudos to the FI crew!!

Glory to God Almighty for making FI to exist in a time like this for good!!!



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For me, FI Is a revolution. My family has lost the definition of recession.

FI has afforded us the opportunity of paying off debts owed. Our support to our family members and parents have grown tremendously.

We are really grateful to God almighty for this priceless gift called Friends International. Mr and Mrs Stephen Ben-Joel

Mr. & Mrs Stephen


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FI is a platform that has exposed me to new business ideas, and enriched me financially.

I have to say this, that I don't know what recession is because of Friends International. My financial life simply transformed.

God Bless my able CEO.

Mrs Asuquo

FI - Member